Check out this method of fighting spam: – I think I like it. I have a filter using procmail and it catches most but not all spam. It’s true if you filter the word “click” you catch a significant percentage of spam. The text filters never got it all though, I went from about 10-20 spams a day to 2-3, much better, but now and then I’d miss an email message because it got put in the spamtrashcan. I did something like they are doing with probabilities using a program to find the most frequent words in my spam and I filtered those too, and that has helped alot, but this guy’s method is much more complete. I found some words that were showing up alot in my spam that I didn’t really expect to be so popular, like “success4u”, “milespree”, “cgi-bin5″, and “speedi-list”. So if you send me a message with these words I will probably never respond to you.