I have an idea for an addition to DNS that would allow people to make voip calls like they do with email, so if I want to call Paul at Example Inc. I would send a voice call to paul@example.com, which could be exactly the same as an email address. That call would then get sent to a voip server via a new call exchange (CX) record in DNS:

example.com CX voip.example.com.

A voip server like asterisk or something that would have to be updated to know how to handle these new calls and direct them to the correct extension. This would totally get around the phone system and make all the calls only travel over the internet. Unlike Skype it would allow a independent system, and you would not have to remember phone numbers. There would be no per minute charges from phone companies since you are not using their network. I think it’s a good idea, though the phone companies probably won’t support it since it would totally get around their per-minute profit centers. Once more people have voip and more people are able to call via IP numbers instead of phone numbers I can see a system like this being needed more and more.