hile it’s a really small change, the latest version of CitrusDB, 1.1.3, goes back to using blue underlined links for parts of the interface. I was recently using ebay a lot to sell some stuff, and I noticed that they have the standard blue link/purple visited link everywhere. This is something that i’ve noticed is consistent across all the most popular websites, Yahoo, MSN, Google, Youtube, etc – they have all kept their links the standard colors, instead of modifying them to match some designers pretty color scheme. In fact, if you look through the top sites on Alexa I would bet that almost none of them have modified their link colors, and none of them are using crazy flash interfaces, and none of them are hitting you over the head and throwing windows at you to get you to click on them. You’re at the site, get the heck out of my way, it’s time to get what you went there for.