While I generally like Firefox, I think it’s usability has suffered with the release of Firefox 3. They seem intent on making it look the same as the platform it’s on. Firefox is my interface to everything, I really don’t care whether I’m on windows, linux or mac. The browser is now MORE important than what platform it’s on, and I think they can dictate their own look and feel. If you want a platform matching browser you can use the native one, IE, Safari, Epiphany, or Konqueror. I really want the keyhole button in my linux browser, since I move between different OS’s, but now it looks inconsistent. In windows there is also an X for the Stop Loading button. I think of an X as close, and it’s not clear that that means Stop Loading to me. Bring back the stop sign! I’ll probably change my theme to work in these ways eventually, but it would have been nice to be better out of the box.