When you want to watch the latest or most popular movies and shows I have found they are not included with online video subscription services like amazon prime or netflix.  Usually one needs to rent or buy those shows from amazon video on demand or itunes instead.

One of the reasons I signed up for Amazon Prime was because one of my favorite shows, Mythbusters. was going to be included with the Amazon Prime subscription.  It turns out what happened was that the old seasons would be included with Amazon Prime, however the newest seasons would not, so I felt I just wasted the money I spent on Prime.

I never took advantage of the free shipping or kindle rentals that are also part of prime.  I just used it like one would use any other video service like iTunes or Netflix.  This year I decided not to renew my Amazon Prime account.

During the year i’ve had Amazon Prime i’ve realized that most of the movies and shows I wanted to watch still cost money to rent or buy and are not part of the Prime subscription.  If i’m going to have to buy or rent the thing I want to watch, I decided I did not need to spend money on the Prime subscription in addition to that.

Most of the things that are for rent and purchase on amazon video on demand are the newest shows or movies that have just been released for rental.  I find that the things for rent or purchase on amazon are also for rent or purchase on itunes during the same timeframe.  I would rather spend that subscription fee money on buying or renting the things I want to watch, rather than feel like I am stuck with watching what is included with the subscription just to make the subscription worthwhile.