Bulletproof coffee feels like some sort of secret weapon. My brain feels like it is running on all cylinders and ready for anything. It’s like some sort of legal smart drug. Maybe it’s all a placebo effect, but that’s ok with me right now. I feel like I can learn faster, that I am able to get more done, and have better interactions with people.

I started trying out bulletproof coffee last year because I had to wake up early to commute, especially when the mbta broke last winter and half the trains didn’t run. Having the even energy of bulletproof coffee helped dealing with that mess when everyday commuting was really really annoying for months. I’ve gone back and forth between eating bulletproof coffee or just eating regular paleo style breakfasts. I’ve probably never given bulletproof coffee and the bulletproof diet much of a long term trial though, so i’m trying to stick to it for a bit and see what happens.

The only downside to bulletproof coffee is if your overdo the fat content you’ll be running to the bathroom pretty soon since your body cannot digest it all. Be sure you measure out instead of just winging it.